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illustration lexique laulhere illustration lexique laulhere
illustration bouffette

Bouffette :

Colorful little bow sewn onto the headband at the back of the beret.

illustration bouffette

Headband :

The calfskin strip sewn around the opening of the beret.

illustration bouffette

Coiffe :

The inner lined part of the beret, in contact with the head.

illustration bouffette

Woven label :

Badge sewn onto the coiffe.

illustration bouffette

Cabillou :

The little tail on the top, a remnant of when berets were made with long boxwood knitting needles.

Col :
the outer diameter of the beret, also known as the plateau. The col is measured in inches, from 9 to 11.
The choice of col (9, 10, 11 inches) depends on the wearer’s face shape and size:

  • for a slimmer person with a thinner face, 9 or 10 maximum is ideal
  • for a larger person with a rounder face, 10 or 11 is better
illustration lexique laulhere