Women's berets

Women's berets

French berets and caps

Discover our selection of women's berets, caps, wedding bibs and french hats for women. A must-have fashion accessory, we are pleased to offer you a wide range of women's berets, including authentic Basque berets. From the woolen beret, to the cotton beret for summer, to the leather beret, you will find the one that will accompany you whatever the season. Choose your french beret from our wide range of colours from the traditional black beret, to red, green, ecru, grey, burgundy and more. All our women's berets, caps and bibs are made entirely in France, in our workshops in Oloron-Sainte-Marie, in the purest tradition.

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French traditional Basque beret, Alpine beret, woolen, cashmere, leather, angora or cotton beret, Maison Laulhère has imagined many variations of berets for all women. Choose the traditional black beret or prefer color with a red, blue, ecru or even sequined beret. Entirely made in France, in our workshops in Oloron-Sainte-Marie, discover our selection of traditional berets for women.

Frequent Questions

How to wear a woman's beret?

A woman's beret can be worn in several ways: forward, on one side, placed on the back of the head or straight. Have fun with the cabillou to easily position your beret for women according to your desires.

How to clean a woman's beret?

Machine washing, hand washing or dry cleaning should be avoided (consult your dry cleaning specialist if cleaning is imperative). In case of a stain, blot with paper towels and clean with a soft brush or a natural sponge soaked in warm water with a little soap, avoiding to wet the beret excessively. Allow to dry at room temperature and finish with a gentle brushing.

Where to find a woman's Basque beret?

You can find our Basque berets for women in our Parisian boutique located at 14-16 rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré. Consult here the list of our partner stores in France.