Due to current events in France, we are not able to guarantee delivery times. We always accept orders on our website
with a manufacturing time of 6 weeks which may change according to the evolution of the situation. Thank you for your understanding and see you soon.
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Laulhère berets and caps

A selection of berets and caps made in Oloron-Sainte-Marie (64) in southwestern France, combining unique expertise with tradition. Hats are a genuine fashion accessory - check out all our incredibly trendy berets. A large selection available in a wide range of materials including virgin wool, merino wool, cashmere and genuine leather.

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  1. Béret Jim Béret Jim

    Béret Jim

  2. Bibi Julie Bibi Julie

    Bibi Julie

  3. Bibi Lola Bibi Lola

    Bibi Lola

  4. Bibi Romy Bibi Romy

    Bibi Romy

  5. Béret Anna Béret Anna

    Béret Anna