Father's Day

Father's Day

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Gift ideas for father's day 

Discover our selection of berets and caps for Father's Day, made entirely in France in our workshops in Oloron-Sainte-Marie. We recommend one-size-fits-all berets, which stretch to fit all head sizes.

Mar beret
Cashmere beret
Veritable beret
  1. Authentique Beret
  2. Veritable Beret
  3. Summer Authentique Beret
  4. Basque Beret

    Basque Beret

  5. Alpine Beret Bulle
  6. Plumes Beret
  1. Woolen Boret hat
  2. Wool scarf Odei
  3. Tartaro Beret

    Tartaro Beret

  4. Athleta Beret

    Athleta Beret

  5. Maxi Plumes Beret
  6. Toca Beret

    Toca Beret

  1. Gizonki Cap

    Gizonki Cap

  2. Pelota Cap

    Pelota Cap

  3. Casqueta Cap
  4. Oloron Cap

    Oloron Cap

  5. Ursa Cap

    Ursa Cap

  6. Sorginak Cap

    Sorginak Cap



For Mother's Day, offer your mother a unique gift: a beret made in France. Choose from the traditional Basque beret, the Alpine or military beret, the beret covering the ears, the bibi, the flat cap, the gavroche cap, etc. Discover our french berets and caps for women in wool, cashmere, leather, angora or cotton, designed in many variations. Choose the traditional black beret or choose colour with a red, blue, ecru or even leopard beret. Entirely made in France, in our workshops in Oloron-Sainte-Marie, discover our selection of berets and caps for women, to keep for a lifetime.

Frequent Questions

Which beret to offer for Mother's Day?

To offer a beret to your loved ones, we recommend one-size-fits-all berets (TU). Easily stretchable, they will perfectly fit the head size of the person. Choose from the Veritable, Max, Cashmere or the Authentique beret.

How to choose a beret to offer?

As a gift, we recommend that you choose a timeless beret. Choose a one-size-fits-all beret, as it is easily stretchable and will fit perfectly around the head of the person you are giving it to. The Veritable beret is the ideal gift: one size fits all, available in 15 colours and beautifully presented in a Laulhère storage box.

Which cap should I offer for a man?

You are sure to find what you are looking for in our selection of men's caps: flat cap, gavroche cap or beret cap are to be found here.
We recommend that you choose a cap that is easy to wear: the flat Oloron cap, the gavroche Ursa cap or the Pau cap.