Gift ideas for women

Gift ideas for women

Berets, caps and accessories for gifts

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1.Gift ideas under €80

Traditional beret, beanie or cap? Enjoy yourself !
  1. Veritable Beret Veritable Beret
  2. Authentique Beret Authentique Beret
  3. Woolen Boret hat Woolen Boret hat
  4. Campan Beret Campan Beret
  5. Parisienne Beret Parisienne Beret
  6. Oloron Cap Oloron Cap

    Oloron Cap


2.Gift ideas under €100

Berets, caps, hats and scarves - accessories you need to adopt !
  1. Max Beret Max Beret

    Max Beret

  2. Pau Cap

    Pau Cap

  3. Gizonki Cap Gizonki Cap

    Gizonki Cap

  4. Gizotso Cap Gizotso Cap

    Gizotso Cap

  5. Wool scarf Odei Wool scarf Odei
  6. Woolen Boret hat Woolen Boret hat

3.Gift ideas under €150

A selection of exceptional berets to offer !
  1. Béret Artemis Béret Artemis
  2. Basque Beret Basque Beret

    Basque Beret

  3. Che Beret Che Beret

    Che Beret

  4. Rosa Beret Rosa Beret

    Rosa Beret

  5. Alpine Beret Bulle Alpine Beret Bulle
  6. Hartza Beret Hartza Beret

    Hartza Beret