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A human know-how

A human know-how

The production of a beret involves about ten manufacturing operations carried out by men and women who are passionate about their work and have mastered the ancestral techniques to perfection.
                    expert eye of the knitters

The expert eye of the knitters

Even though the berets are knitted on automated machines that operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the know-how of the knitters is irreplaceable. With experience and sensitivity, knitters like Chantal check the knitted cake and, if necessary, repair any small imperfections, such as a loose stitch or a broken thread.

The high standards of the fullers/

Philippe, Sébastien and Nadine, take care of felting and dyeing your berets. It is in their workshop that your berets will come to life, first of all thanks to the fulling process, which consists of passing the knitted cake through large machines in order to give them their beret sizes and shapes.

It is a unique skill that can be seen and felt. As wool is a living material, the berets must be constantly watched over during the fulling process. Every 15 minutes, Philippe or Sébastien will open the machines to test the thickness, the touch and other characteristics until a perfect beret is obtained.

After felting comes the dyeing. The berets are immersed in dyeing baths filled with water from the river Gave, which flows by the factory. The brilliant colours of Laulhère berets are the result of several years of research and testing by eye only.

The transmission of know-how is the key to preserving our heritage. Lucienne, who held the position before Philippe, taught him everything. Today Philippe does the same with Sébastien and Nadine, so that the art of fulling and dyeing continues.

The fairy fingers of the stitchers

In the Laulhère workshops, the art of sewing is practiced by our stitchers. It is in the workshop that they add all the finishing touches to your berets.

Divided into several work groups, they assemble the leathers, sew the badges, place the enamelled rivets, etc., using specific sewing techniques. Each beret is then checked and pampered by checkers who will correct the small imperfections, often invisible to the untrained eye, so that your beret is perfect to the touch as well as to the eye. The challenge of the workshop is to make your berets, to respect your requests, but also to ensure that each beret respects the quality of a Laulhère beret.

As each beret has its own specificities and complexities, the know-how of our stitchers is precious and must be transmitted. Sylvie, Cécile and Élodie are responsible for the line in the workshop.

Passionate about sewing, they train their teams every day but are also in charge of teaching the new stitchers the art of sewing by showing them the sewing techniques and encouraging them until the result is perfect.

Between the beginning and end of the sewing process, each Laulhère beret benefits from the know-how of at least twelve pairs of hands. Knitted, felted, dyed, assembled, checked and pampered, your Laulhère beret is made by passionate and experienced craftsmen.

The fairy fingers of the stitchers

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