We imagined a collection full of stylistic contrasts inspired by the eighties, symbols of the French irreverence that is part of our Maison's DNA. A blend of materials - wool/vinyl, matt/shiny - pop/classic -, plays on volume - knots and lacings worked in several formats -, contrasts are materialized throughout this new Duel 80 collection.  

 For him, the rock attitude of an Inès beret in wool and charms or the Bruce in deep and romantic black leather.. 

 For her, the freshness of the Luna beret, versatile and functional, but also the insolent beauty of Isabelle Adjani in Subway in a silver embroidered Ziggy beret. Between the timeless elegance of an Elton beret, in graphic black and white, the audacity of an Amy beret with an XXL knot embroidered with haute couture jewelry, the Laulhère man and woman electrify their days... and their evenings. A season placed under the sign of personality and freedom!. 

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