Laulhere History

The beret, an iconic symbol as powerful as the tri-color and so deeply embedded into the nation’s culture it’s almost part of France’s DNA. 

At Laulhère our goal is to continue this ancient tradition, to ensure a national treasure lives on. For over 170 years we have produced this incredible garment and vow to continue doing so for many more years. Our manufacturing techniques have remained the same producing hand crafted headwear that can only be found in one place, the Laulhère beret factory in Oloron-Sainte-Marie. 

Today we are the only 100% authentic beret company and proud to be so, long live the Beret.

The Origins



OriginesThe beret was invented in the middle ages by shepherds in the Pyrenees to protect themselves from the harsh mountain weather; they found this remarkable hat protected effectively  from the sun, rain and wind.1840

Mr Lucien Laulhère established the Laulhère company in Oloron-Sainte-Marie in the Bearn region, manufacturing handmade traditional berets known as ‘béret Basque’.


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19th century



Early XXth century

outillagesDuring the 19th century the beret became popular in the whole country, then in the world’s main capital cities to become the iconic symbol for France worldwide.Début XXèmeThe company expands with up to date knitting machines to meet the increasing demand.




Années 1960

Laulhère diversifies its activities to include military berets and a new ladies collection of merino wool and angora hats.

Années 1970

Laulhère launches its creative services to supply the nation’s famous fashion houses. 






Laulhère becomes a referenced supplier to the United Nations and its 28 members.

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2012Today Laulhère is the last remaining 100% French made beret company.